Kelly McCarthy


about me

Kidtopia is the preschool of my dreams.  The first iteration of this preschool was called Learning Tree. Since then, we have expanded and done some major construction to add fun new features, indoors and outdoors!

I have been teaching for more than 20 years, in many different capacities.  I am constantly researching early childhood education and early brain development, always eager to learn more effective ways to mentor and empower children.  I feel that teaching emotional intelligence and nurturing self-esteem, by helping children to identify and articulate their feelings and needs, is crucial.  

I do my best to guide the children in making choices and building competency, and allowing natural consequences to occur.  I will strive to help each child  develop the unique gifts and talents that they bring to our community of active learners.  Together, we will cultivate respect- for ourselves, others, and our planet.


  • Kidtopia (Fort Collins, CO)- Preschool Founder and Child Mentor
  • Learning Tree (Fort Collins, CO)- Preschool Program Founder and Child Mentor
  • Laughing Buck Farm (Fort Collins, CO)- Farm School Teacher
  • Children's Garden of Learning (Vail, CO)- Preschool Teacher
  • Eagles' Nest Early Learning Center (Black Hawk, CO)- Infant and Preschool Group Leader
  • Trueblood Nursery School (Richmond, IN)- Preschool Teacher
  • Joey's Child Care (Ft. Wayne, IN)- Preschool Teacher
  • Women's Centre (Londonderry, Northern Ireland)- Creche Caregiver, Art Club Assistant
  • Parents Morning Out (Richmond, IN)-Caregiver
  • Wild Bear Center for Nature Discovery (Nederland, CO)- After School Program Leader
  • Friends General Conference- Jr. Gathering and High School Counselor, Family Center Volunteer
  • Kilcranny House (Coleraine, Northern Ireland)- School Programs
  • Shanny O'Rourke (Middle Bass Island, OH)- Nanny
  • Nature Camp (Middle Bass Island, OH)- Counselor
  • Care 4 Kids Baby-sitting (Eagle-Vail, CO)- Caregiver
  • Chamber of Commerce (Vail, CO)- Arts & Crafts Coordinator
  • Fun Ones (Fort Collins, CO)- Coordinator of a play group for moms & toddlers